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Handbuilt ceramic lights by Pilar Wiley

Light Sculptures

Communion Light by Pilar Wiley
Pilar Wiley Studio

For 2020, Los Angeles-based ceramicist Pilar Wiley shifted her focus from patterned vessels to produce a new line of sculptural lights, showcased for the first time at the Los Angeles Design Festival. Hand-built in her West Adams studio, each light is a unique organic form.

These biomorphic lights reflect on states of being. The Communion Light features two bulbs emerging from a single form. The Receptive Light features a concave void in the body of the lamp, ready for contemplation or life's practicalities. By special order at


Pilar Wiley Ceramics

Los Angeles-based artist Pilar Wiley makes ceramic vessels that serve as canvases for her repeating patterns and pictorial themes. Influenced by the forms and techniques of West and South African pottery, Wiley advances a personal mythology through the repetitive ceramic process. A recent series of lamps and vessels with double apertures marks a new focus on the sculptural possibilities of the vessel.