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What A Time To Be Alive
Reimagining the city and its spaces as an inclusive sharing society

Space For Civic Assets

3D viewing room
Almicheal Fraay + TAC
This project is part of What A Time To Be Alive

This is a practice-led project focusing on the future redevelopment of Temporary Art Centre. Seeing TAC as a civic asset, it reimagines the city and its spaces as an inclusive sharing society, that can be shaped and used collectively.

Space for Civic Assets comprises research, experiment, intervention and investigation about TAC now and in the future. Together with community partners (residents, audience members, neighbors, citizens), we reimagine a citizen-led regeneration: we rethink the topics of land consciousness, environmental interconnectivity, civic infrastructures, social dilemma and our shared future. Using participatory design and speculative thinking, we aim to come to a collective understanding of our future space and local community, considering physical infrastructure, social impact and imagination. 

The installation visualized TAC’s assets expand into the city and beyond. The installation INSIDE OUT uses replacement, extension and retraction to explore the relation between and individual and institution, and between urban and shared assets. The boundaries between public and private are blurred: the once clear lines between inside and outside, known and unknown, and between ourselves and the others are shifting. Through the ever-changing concept of common space, Timothy Liu is questioning today's social needs and sensibilities to imagine the future of this fluid organism.