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The Self Design Academy Share: In Real Live Sundays

Marlot Meyer - LIMB-O, The Self Design Academy
Boudewijn Bollmann

Dive into the world of self-malleability during the In Real Live Sundays, when participating artist in The Self Design Academy are present in MU and their works will be 'live' - both on-and offline.

During the In Real Live Sundays, several live performances take place, both on- and offline. Amongst others you can visit the bff's Hanneke & Nadiah, follow the course Social Hygiene at Bar No. 5 by Margriet Craens, give the installation LIMB-O by Marlot Meyer input, get busy during an online design session with Briony O Clarke, step into Zwermers' photo booth, join Tom Loois at the Consulting Bureau for Deviant Behaviour, share your trauma with Ivi van Keulen during the live performance Atlas Skin or join an online meditation session as part of the work by Brigitte Jansen.

Keep an eye on for more info about the program and artists, exclusive online works, 'behind the scenes' videos and livestreams.

On Sundays, MU is open from 13.00 till 17.00. Reserve a time slot by phone or mail (visit for more info).


MU Hybrid Art House

MU Hybrid Art House is an investigative presentation platform that operates in a wide international network of creatives who define the liminal space between what art is and what art can be.
MU initiates, produces and presents preferably new works, and surrounds them with an extensive and interdisciplinary secondary program targeting at a broad and predominantly young audience. MU prioritises the introduction to, understanding of, elaboration on, and hands-on experience of the creation of art.