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(Archive) Upside down

With a giant candle holder Upside down, Smelik literally turns design upside down. Co-creation between designer and nature produces absurdist work.

This project was part of DDW 2020
Hatseflats media

A (3m) ‘walking’ candelabra reminds us of physical processes; like solidifying lava,it has the same natural growth, but has been created with human interference. It unifies the cultural and natural approaches of designing - not by imitating nature, but by including nature as part of the designproces

The candelabra is modeled by hand and placed upside down in an aquarium. This is done using a method by which the designer injects hot wax into cold water. The designer steers the wax in the shape of the candelabra, which leads to a surprising spectacle.

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Hatseflats media

Hatseflats media