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Upside down

With a giant candle holder Upside down, Smelik literally turns design upside down. Co-creation between designer and nature produces absurdist work.

Hatseflats media

A (3m) ‘walking’ candelabra reminds us of physical processes; like solidifying lava,it has the same natural growth, but has been created with human interference. It unifies the cultural and natural approaches of designing - not by imitating nature, but by including nature as part of the designproces

The candelabra is modeled by hand and placed upside down in an aquarium. This is done using a method by which the designer injects hot wax into cold water. The designer steers the wax in the shape of the candelabra, which leads to a surprising spectacle.

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About Pascal Smelik

Pascal Smelik was born in 1983 in Oegstgeest, The Netherlands. He studied Product Design at The Utrecht School of Arts and founded his studio in 2010. Smelik’s exploratory work aims to expand the contemporary notion of design. His objects are characterized by his fascination for the growth, distortion and fusion of natural phenomena and their processes. Navigating between art and design, his processes lead to peculiar design methods.