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(Archive) Feel the future of fashion's inclusivity!

Inclusive and fair fashion by SeeFeel

This project was part of DDW 2021
3D logo's to feel size and color — ©

Today’s world is focused more and more on inclusivity. Then why is the fashion industry falling behind? When dealing with a visual impairment, shopping can become hard work instead of a fun pastime. Isn’t it time for a change?

Feel the future of fashion's inclusivity!

The message of SeeFeel is clear: making sure all garments are completely inclusive for ALL people, including those with a visual impairment. That means functional garments, but without compromising esthetics.

By adding tangible details and by using fabric manipulation, SeeFeel helps women with a visual impairment picking out clothes, independently. And that doesn’t just stop at adding braille or a QR-code to the clothing labels. Every garment has a recognizable texture or detail which tells the wearer what garment she is holding in her hands. The wearer is being helped by a braille 3D logo telling her what the color and size is; there are labels which tell you which top matches which trousers and by making sure the back has a tangible detail there will be no more risk of putting clothes on backwards.

The story the collection tells is to look at garments differently. Or rather: feel.

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QR-code lets you listen to a detailed discription — ©

3D printed label to indicate the back — ©

Petra with her blind guide dog wearing SeeFeel