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(Archive) The Symbiocene Forest 2021

Unearthing the next era of human history

This project was part of DDW 2021
Symbiocene Forest — © BioArt Laboratories Foundation

The Symbiocene Forest shows ongoing artistic research of talented makers into new materials and new systems for a world in transition towards the Symbiocene. The project questions the fundamental idea behind current sustainable design practices that call for less.

The Symbiocene Forest - Unearthing the next era of human history

Hidden in a green realm in Strijp lies BioArt Laboratories - a repurposed historical military complex in a dense forest, turned into a place of creativity and innovation.

Here artists and designers explore how we can accelerate the total assimilation of anthropogenic effects, processes, objects, and materials by nature: giving rise to the Symbiocene.

The Symbiocene revolves around ecological and evolutionary thinking of the interconnectedness of life and all living things. Such symbioses are in stark contrast with current human influence and increasing dominance of climatic, biophysical and evolutionary processes.

At the Symbiocene Forest we question seemingly undisputed truths of our current era. We delve into the creations of various talents whose works explore a world where human action, art, culture and entrepreneurship are mutually dependent on- and benefit the health of all ecosystems.

BioArt Village — © BioArt Laboratories Foundation

Workplaces & Laboratory — © BioArt Laboratories Foundation