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Novo Typo Offgrid

A DIY proposal for Creating a Self-Sufficient Graphic Design Studio

Novo Typo Offgrid — ©

Mark van Wageningen / Novo Typo present its return to the three fundamental elements of analogue graphic design: letters, ink and paper. The workshop-style presentation is an opportunity to learn and reflect on how to destandardize and autonomize graphic design in order to be truly self-sufficient.

Can graphic designers be self-sufficient? Can graphic designers recycle their own work?

Based on the core idea that a typographic design studio that designs and produces its own letters should also be able to make its own ink and paper, Novo Typo Offgrid will show how we can produce our own locally sourced paper and plant-based inks, in order to create our own tools and methods.
On the background of this exercise lies the need to face a global overly complex system of production, supply chains and restrictive industrial standards, that have shown their dangerous disruptive effects, specially at the beginning of the pandemic.
By independently selecting the raw materials for the production of paper and ink, a new and bespoke standard is defined. In the process, the designer and the artisan should be one and the same person, free to choose how to produce and visualize their designs, thereby regaining control over their end product.
The Novo Typo Offgrid project is designed and produced during the lockdown and is executed within close proximity to Novo Typo’s Amsterdam studio. The designed products; Amsterdam Pulp Paper and Amsterdam Pulp Soap are available for purchase. The entire project is documented in the book Novo Typo Offgrid.

About Novo Typo

Mark van Wageningen is the founder of Novo Typo, a typographic design studio / font foundry based in Amsterdam. As a self-proclaimed ambassador of multi­colored typography, van Wageningen lectures on the work of Novo Typo at a number of international design conferences and festivals. Before Novo Typo Offgrid, Mark van Wageningen published Typewood, Novo Typo Color Book and Type and Color which received several international design awards. His work is translated in English, German and Chinese.

Novo Typo Offgrid — ©

Novo Typo Offgrid — ©

Novo Typo Offgrid — ©

Novo Typo Offgrid. A workshop-style presentation.

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