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(Archive) Material meetings

20 recently graduated textile design students from the Swedish School of Textiles, both Bachelor and Masters exhibit their graduation collections.

This project was part of DDW 2021

The textile pieces exhibited at the MATERIAL MEETINGS, challenge boundaries of textile thinking and techniques, e.g. knitting, weaving or printing which demonstrate the knowledge and thematic broadness which can be achieved in the textile design profession.


The ‘Material Meetings’ exhibition of the Swedish School of Textile graduate students in textile design impressively demonstrates the role of design and material knowledge in tackling the complexity of our life today. The exhibited works exemplify how advanced artistic skills and textile methodology can challenge conventional perspectives on textile expressiveness and the surrounding materiality. Ongoing themes such as bio-design, digitalisation, inclusiveness, challenging beliefs and traditions are shaped and can be experienced through a textile lens ¬– where the richness of colours, patterns, materials and textile techniques enable the viewer to envision novel perspectives on living which challenge the existing.

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DIGITAL TEXTILES — © Majli af Ekenstam

ALINEA — © Jessica Rijkers

NATURAL DESIGN — © Klara Nilsson