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Onbeperkt lekker!

Healthy food with a crazy twist

Haasvaas — © LuuXX

A collaborative project between care institution Lunet and food designer Eylien Lommen from LEF.
We present a whole new food line and a beautiful magazine with tasty recipes and illustrations from our clients.

Let's discover food together

Working together on food magazine "Unlimitedly tasty" means thinking and talking about good food together. What would I like to learn to cook, what does it look like and what does it taste like?
Drawing and writing together, planting and harvesting vegetable gardens together. Making beautiful products, working together with a food designer, practice cooking, taste together and then be very proud of what we have achieved together. During the Dutch Design Week we will take you on our culinary and creative journey of discovery.

About Zorginstelling Lunet

Care and support for people with intellectual disabilities in South East Brabant. We provide care for living and working, daytime activities and leisure for more than 2700 clients. Together we work on a good life in this rapidly changing society.

Ambachtelijk bedrukt tafellinnen — © LuuXX

Parelkaarsjes van de zee — © LuuXX

Servieslijn Keramiek

Centre area, LuuXX Kleine Berg, Kleine Berg 54 , Map No. C6
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