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Prototype n.1 (up-cycled braided cord) — © MIKOMIKO Studio

Aware of the finite dimension of environmental resources, the project reinvents the approach of design, starting from the choice of materials, revalorising an ancient machine of cords braiding for up-cycling VLISCO production leftovers.

LET’S TWIST AGAIN turns VLISCO production leftovers into crafted up-cycled braided cords.

LET'S TWIST AGAIN is the result of a highly human content story about resilience and collaboration, born from the encounter of different people whose synergy was essential to its development.
This project started at the VLISCO company, located in Helmond, a small village in the Netherlands, during an Erasmus+ internship, which allowed me to deepen my observation on industrial textile production.
Inspired by the regenerated fiber process, I thought about creating an 'up-cycled yarn', starting from the Dutch company’s production leftovers.
The first part of the research was dedicated to the exploration of the material, through a veritable dissection of the fabrics, revealing their limits and possibilities.
I worked with the staff of the Textiel Lab and the ladies of the shelter centre VINCENTIUS in Tilburg, the Netherlands, whose support was crucial to the development of the project.
The research has led to the development of an innovative technique to allow the textile waste to be converted into a new quality material.
The development of some prototypes has shown the aesthetic and multi functional potential of the cords, still everything to discover!

About Antonella Valerio

In August 2020, I completed a Master's degree in Textile Design at the Académie Royale des Beaux Arts in Brussels, Belgium, working on the project "LET'S TWIST AGAIN", focusing on possible solutions to up-cycle industrial textile waste, after my internship at VLISCO, a textile company in the Netherlands.
By creating innovative alternatives, I combine contemporary fashion industry environmental issues with old textile techniques, in order to contribute change perspectives and systems.

Knotted bag (research) — © Antonella Valerio

Macrame knots (research) — © MIKOMIKO Studio

Crocheted prototype n. 2 (research) — © MIKOMIKO Studio

Prototype n. 3 (up-cycled braided cord)

Plan-B area, Fashion Tech Farm, Zeelsterstraat 80 , Map No. H3
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