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Try Out the greater number

The choreography of " there is already so much"

Documentary Film by Okki Poortvliet — © Okki Poortvliet

Try out the greater number shows graduation work and "the making off" of the material archive MaDaM. Data and figures are playing a prominent role in this presentation. Such as in the documentary film "IJswee" (made by Okki Poortvliet), members of a small village ice skate club longing for ice.

Our awareness of human actions in scale and perspectives

The work we are presenting has a solid relation to climate change and human actions. Now that we think we are hopefully escaping the Corona episode and trying to make up for the damage driven by economic motives, there is little enthusiasm or room for reflection. If we zoom out, we can see the bigger picture (if we want to). During das Neue Bauhaus webinar in July this year, a student panel member put it this way: Who is we? An excellent complex question in three words: WHO IS WE? We see this question as a question of positioning and the question of direction. responsibility. It is also a call for taking responsibility and a radical change in our educational system. We have to change or another 4-year cycle will pass in which the major issues have not been addressed. The intervention of roughly the last 400 years, agriculture's industrialization, and the production of goods speak volumes. How we deal with our environments in, oppression, exploitation, racism, war go hand in hand with industrialization. Climate is, therefore not only, rising temperatures, CO2 emissions, but also our climate of interpersonal relationships.

Bob Verheijden Head of Department of Design


Minerva Art Academy is one of the eighteen schools within Hanze University of Applied Sciences. Department of design encompasses 6 mayor studies: product design, illustration & animation design, time based design, spatial design, graphic & interaction design and off road design. The structure of the curriculum enables the international learning community to study in cross disciplinary between the different specialism of the department so called off road. The motto of the department is Try Out.

Bewogen Woerde animation by Fynn van der Ziel — © Fynn van der Ziel

Left Behind, research project by Johanna Reymann — © Johanna Reymann

Making Off the material archive of MaDaM — © Merel Wendt

"Pfand" Project by Merel Wendt

Strijp-S area, Klokgebouw | Hall 2, Klokgebouw 50 , Map No. B1
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