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(Archive) A blast from the past

This project was part of DDW 2021
A blast from the past — © Drawing made by Adèle Vivet

​​"A blast from the past" is an exhibition gathering works from several emerging designers. Each project re-introduces in its own way Greco-Roman aesthetics, reclaiming its identity using different mediums.


« (...) Behind the plurality of the many forms in history lies a simple set of archetypes which we can call the grammar of architecture. These archetypes may be understood as images which can be identified in relation to both architectural form, function and technology. » Thomas Thiis-Evensen, Archetypes in Architecture, 1987.

From questioning the use of ornamentation to the reinterpretation of past archetypes, passing by production techniques experimentation, the exhibition “A blast from the past” is the celebration of past aesthetics, and more precisely from the Greco-Roman periods.

Works from Adèle Vivet (FR), Marina Mankarios (FR), Rino Claessens (NL), Studio Joachim-Morineau (FR) and Victor Ledure (BE).