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(Archive) Dutch Design for Easy Green Living

Every little step counts: products for your sustainable home

This project was part of DDW 2021
Patera Magna by House of Thol — © photo by Masha Bakker photography

At House of Thol we believe that every little step towards a more sustainable lifestyle counts.
Our products are designed to make your life greener and easier.
Our focus is on style, functionality and durability.
We aim to make a difference with affordable, problem solving products everyone can use.

Poma/Olera: Naturally keep fruit and vegetables fresh, save food from the bin

On average, 29% of all fresh fruit and vegetables EU consumers purchase ends up in the bin.
The Poma/Olera series (Fruit/Vegetable in Latin) is about storing your fruit and vegetables in a better way and avoiding food waste.

The Patera Magna and Patera Media provide designated space for a variety
of fruits and vegetables. The terracotta vessels consist of a large outer bowl with inner compartments making it possible to separately store different varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The large terracotta outer bowl is partly porous. By filling it with water through
the middle spout, the moisture evaporating through the terra-cotta walls naturally cools the bowl and its contents.

The inner compartments have fitting cover-dishes with handles that stop the spread of ripening gas ethylene while keeping the stock easily accessible and offering a pedestal for ready-to-grab fruit and vegetables.

Create the best natural circumstances to store your fruit and vegetables // Easily keep track of your fresh stock // Put healthy eating options on a pedestal

ReCabinet: Redundant office furniture, fresh design

With offices becoming ever more paperless, large metal filing cabinets often find themselves out of a job.
Unwanted, while they were manufactured to last for generations.
The up to 95% circular ReCabinet series, designed by House of Thol and developed in collaboration with Royal Dutch Ahrend, breathes new life into redundant office furniture.

A lot of resources go into producing new cabinets. Which is not surprising, as they are large pieces of furniture that need a sturdy construction.
But resources are growing scarce, and if we can inventively and efficiently use what is already there instead of mining virgin materials, that is a double win for the environment: reducing both the waste mountain as well as preserving nature’s capital.

Fully customizable, the sturdy and spacious ReCabinets are a fit for both professional as well as domestic environments.

In collaboration with Royal Dutch Ahrend, the Recabinet series is very suitable for circular interior projects on a larger scale.

Waterworks: Keep your plants happy

Waterworks is a natural watering system that makes caring for your houseplants
incredibly easy.

Each Waterworks-set consists of one terra-cotta cone and glass reservoir
in a recycled cardboard gift box.

A natural connection: The olla-inspired watering technique establishes a natural
connection between the terra-cotta cone and its surrounding soil, creating a continuous gradual water distribution.
Simply keep an eye on the glass reservoir to see when it’s time to refill.

About the Cones: The terra-cotta cones come glazed to three different heights
Medium, most commonly used and suited for most houseplants;
Large, with a larger porous surface and faster distribution of moisture;
and Small, with only a small porous part and slower water flow.

The cones are available to be sold separately, and can be used to repurpose used glass bottles into a fun collection of watering devices.

Waterworks by House of Thol — © photo by GAAV Content

Flower Constellations: Cygnus by House of Thol — © photo by GAAV Content

Flower Constellations: Cygnus by House of Thol — © photo by Masha Bakker photography

Helios constellation by House of Thol