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(Archive) Why Colours Matter

sustainable science & future wear: printing with microalgae-based inks

This project was part of DDW 2021
Why Colours Matter — © photographed by Stephanie Braun

Behind every new trend colour is a dyeing process that is often harmful to the environment. - So how good can clothes feel when you don't know, what material you're wearing? With this MA project, I'm showing that sustainability and aesthetics can't be seen separately from each other.

good design grows better with age

Water is the most important component of our lives. This valuable resource is limited. Current manufacturing and dyeing processes in the fashion industry are focused on the use of non-sustainable textiles and highly polluting dyes.
Interdisciplinary collaboration between design and natural science has resulted in innovative microalgae inks for printing on textiles.
The aim of this work is to sensitise the viewer to the temporary and sustainable nature of clothing, as the prints dissolve when they come into contact with light. It is up to the wearer to decide how to deal with the "living" microalgae prints. In this way, organic processes and their temporary nature are elevated to the level of aesthetics.

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Why Colours Matter — © photographed by Stephanie Braun

working in the laboratory at FH Bielefeld — © photographed by Patrick Pollmeier at FH Bielefeld

working in the atelier at FH Bielefeld — © photographed by Stephanie Braun

Why Colours Matter