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(Archive) Dutch Design Awards 2021

Exhibition of all nominees and winners of Dutch Design Awards 2021

This project was part of DDW 2021
Exhibition 2019 — © Britt Roelse

Every year during DDW, DDA awards the best Dutch design of the past year, divided into 8 categories. In addition, the DDA Exhibition displays all winning and nominated designs.

Using the power of design for system change

Dutch Design Awards 2021 mark a new élan for the design world with a great deal of innovation and power of change. Impact on people, nature and society is the criterion for powerful design. And designers use ingenious and technological developments to achieve this. This year's crop underlines the fact that designers thrive on change and cross-fertilisation and radiates great optimism.

Dutch Design Awards ceremony daily during DDW TV

In a daily talk show called DDW TV, DDA festively presents 1 Award each day.
At the table you will find the three nominees of the relevant category and the head judge. Of course, the nominated projects are discussed, but also the state of affairs of the relevant category.

Saturday 16 October | Young Designer Award Ceremony + Keep an Eye Young
Designer Grant of €9,000 twice and €12,000 for the winner

Sunday 17 October | Fashion award ceremony

Monday 18 October | Design Research award ceremony

Tuesday 19 October | Communication award ceremony

Wednesday 20 October | Best Commissioning award ceremony

Thursday 21 October | Product award ceremony

Friday 22 October | Data & Interaction award ceremony

Saturday 23 October. | Habitat + DDA x MINI Award ceremony