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Philipp Berndt

Unlike what is often thought to be true, Ambivalence does not always foreclose on new possibilities. A way of unilateral thinking is often applied in an effort to avoid the discomfort of ambivalence. It is however the ambivalent state of mind that facilitates creativity and abstract thinking.

Balanced ambivalence

The AMBIVALENT project focuses on integrating contradictory characteristics into a single object.
The rigid property of the sturdy brass alloy is balanced by the gentle fluidity of the waving patterns in the sheet. Light reflections casted on the wall portray the warm flames and serene feelings of a bonfire whereas the crackling sounds caused by the inner tensions in the metal resemble a state of stress and coldness.
When the discrepancies manage to co-exist successfully amongst each other, the results can be innovative, unexpected, and often exceed our expectations.

The true value of materials

Ambivalent is a project that shows the full potential of a single material. It explores the different feelings that a plain sheet of brass alloy can bring when a slightly different approach in presenting the material is taken.
Only when every aspect of a material is explored can we determine its full potential.
Ambivalent encourages spectators and makers to look closer at things, and try to appreciate the role that a material is given based on its unique properties, beauty and environmental impact.

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About Atelier Oscar Greve

After Graduating from the (AUAS) in 2019, contemporary Designer Oscar Greve (1994) founded Atelier Oscar Greve in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

AOG explores the uncharted space that can be found between on one side Art and Design on the other. The challenge lays in how co-existance of these two disciplines can be implemented in one single object where Design takes on the role of functionality and Art engages with the challenge of translating social relevances into a tangible manifestation.
Sectie-C area, Sectie C | Hal 10, Daalakkersweg 10 , Map No. E10
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