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A bag made out of fruit.

Àmber van de Ven

Bringing the use of biomaterials closer to those unfamiliar with it; that is the goal of PUUR.

Biomaterials for everyone

There are different types of biomaterials that can be used in countless ways, but to many people this material is something very new in itself. When people hear about its use it gets a lot of reactions, because it's new, complicated, and seems to be far removed and irrelevant to their own lives.

PUUR is a project in which a bag is made of mango leather. The mangoes were collected from a local supermarket where they were no longer good enough for sale. The mangoes are pulverized and spread over old textile layers. After a long drying process, it has become a strong material that is reminiscent of leather.

By turning this biomaterial into a recognizable everyday product, such as a bag, people become acquainted with the possibilities and applications of this material in an accessible way. It also makes you think about how we can deal with the waste we cause.

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About Àmber van de Ven

Àmber is a young design student with a broad view of her field. By converting social problems into clear language, she is looking for opportunities to convey these subjects to the people around her.

Asking who she actually is as a designer, she places herself in different positions discover that and comes into contact with everything that is still unknown to her.
shot : Linda Brouwers, model: Noël van de Ven
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