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(Archive) Expo, Food & Drinks

Exhibitions, bookshop, cafe, restaurant, workshops and more. KEVN joins forces with Mini Gallery, Architectuurlessen & uitgeverij Lecturis.

This project was part of DDW 2021
Paviljoen KEVN — © Foto: Frans Hanswijk

Solo shows by Merijn Hos and Jeroen Erosie and group exhibition 'Paradisia'. Bookshop, workshops and more.

With cafe, restaurant and a large terrace for an extensive lunch, drinks, ice cold beer, coffee, lemonade and small dishes that are nice to share.

Three In One - by MiniGalerie

During the Dutch Design Week, Mini Galerie proudly presents three curated exhibitions at one location. At KEVN, the gallery is organizing a solo exhibition by Merijn Hos, a solo exhibition by Jeroen Erosie and a group exhibition 'Paradisia'.

MERIJN HOS - 'A place so fast, a place so close, a place so sweet, a place so dear'. New playful series of more than forty wooden sculptures.

JEROEN EROSION - 'Support structures'. Solo show by the Eindhoven artist Jeroen Erosie, in which he shows his signature paperwork made from paint rollers.

The exhibition features the work of Cody Hudson, Liesbeth Piena, Linnéa Andersson, Matthew Craven, B.D. Graft, Jonathan Ryan Storm and Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, all of whom see the natural world as a true source of their creativity and artistic practice.

The world around us in the future wavers, you can be sure to find solace in the botanical world. The artists were all designed to submit in which nature is central. The work shown is therefore our attempt to demonstrate the 'influence' of nature on the human psyche.

Mega Mini Metsel Muur - by Architectuurlessen

Brick walls are boring. Or not? You can stack bricks however you want. And the possibilities are endless. While building you create spaces and new places. During a week, children are asked to help build this project.

So come build!
Help design and build the structure. You can get started right away and you can build for as long as you want. Suitable for children from 5 to 100 years.

Bookshop - by Lecturis

Publisher Lecturis provides the better looking books with a strong focus on art, (graphic) design and photography.

During the DDW you will find a compact bookshop at KEVN with the better titles.

Jordy van den Nieuwedijk — © Foto: Mini Galerie

Mega Mini Metsel Muur — © Foto: Architectuurlessen

Liesbeth Piena — © Foto: KEVN

Bookshop by Lecturis