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(Archive) ENCOUNTER#10

a sleepover in your own future

This project was part of DDW 2021
ENCOUNTER#10, participant Jan in his apartment — © Foto Joost van Wijmen

How would it be to have a sleepover in your own future? The ENCOUNTER Foundation presents ENCOUNTER#10; two video portraits in which people aged 55+ stay over in the home of an person aged 85+. In someone else’s home they will experience the kind of life that possibly awaits themselves.

A social design project regarding the impact and dilemmas around ageing. All week at Area51.

Being old is a relative concept. From the age of 55 people are considered to be part of the elderly population. Less than one out of ten out of this group consider themselves old. The real ‘elderly’ is seen as someone else, often about 15 years older. In policy notes elderly are often called ‘vulnerable’, but they’re individuals with unexpected powers and talents. The 55+ ENCOUNTER#10 attendees act as a mirror. They’ll get a glimpse of their own (and all of our) possible future. This will take place in an artificial and momentary manner; they will spend 24 hours in the home of someone who is more or less dependent on others to live on their own, and they’ll be confronted with issues regarding ageing. Their stay will be recorded on video. ENCOUNTER#10 is a form of ‘future design’. The focus doesn’t lie on finding easy solutions but on researching social issues regarding ageing. Other than experts, healthcare professionals or policymakers, the attendees will have a fresh look on the dilemmas around which the project revolves. By sharing their experience, we want to generate awareness, and perhaps they will even point out solutions that have been looked over until now.