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Community Couture

Clothes made to carry stories, between us, through places and time.

What matters?

Community Couture is an attempt to bring multiple perspectives together, with garments serving as a source of individual stories, collective experiences, shared goals, history and hopes for the future.

Clothes made to carry stories, between us, through places and time.

For this year’s DDW, we want to create a space for reflection. During Community Couture workshops, participants will have an opportunity to tell stories about ‘WHAT MATTERS’ with colours, shapes and words.

Participants' contributions will be used to make one-off Community Couture garments and organised into a publication; to preserve, share and honour their contents.

Garments, available to rent, will serve as a visual, collaborative legacy of those who contributed and the stories they wanted to share.

The methodology used in this project can be adapted to bring together perspectives in a variety of situations. Its purpose is to connect people and provoke conversation. The zero-waste garment could be made in engagement with a specific community, discourse, event or place.

About Community Couture

Hello! We engage with speculative and critical design. We are ‘presentists’ putting a conscious effort to stay with the trouble and appreciate the world as it appears to us now. We investigate the tension between value and emotion and how environments, people, feelings, materials and products come together through storytelling, in search of polyvocal ideas and uniting narratives.

Community Couture - workshop

Community Couture - workshop cards filled

Community Couture - workshop cards

Community Couture - workshop

Strijp-S area, Things that Matter @ Microlab Hall, Kastanjelaan 400 , Map No. B15
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Wheelchair accessible
Wifi available
Dogs allowed
Toilets available