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Mega Mini Metsel Muur

Erik Zonneveld

During the dutch design week, children, combined with other enthousiastic stackers, will build a large miniature structure. With tiny bricks a circuit of spaces will be bricked. What happens when we build a wall? And what is the relation between both sides of this wall?

brick borders

16.000 tiny red bricks will be used to create an extraordinairy chain of spaces. Spaces that are created by stacking and that are connected, completely enclosed or create interesting vistas. By examining the possibilities of stacking brick, the walls that make these spaces will show a growing diversity of shapes, forms and places. The possibilities are endless.

join us!

Help develop this growing structure. Design your own brick bond and discover the impact of your wall on its surrounding space. During your design proces you will experience the effect of building: you're creating space. New places. Children are challenged to develop new ideas and test them, resulting in both interesting structures and exciting design experiences.

About Architectuurlessen

Architectuurlessen stimulates the use of design thinking in education environments. Architecture is used as a an overarching theme.
Strijp T+R area, Kelderman en van Noort (KEVN), Galileistraat 2
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Wheelchair accessible
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