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Meet the makers, women creating new beginnings

The Makers — © More Dimensions Photography

Prepare for a journey with this exhibition- the journey of International Creative Women as an organisation, and of the many members who have relocated to the Netherlands and used design and creativity to help shape and build their new lives.

Meet the Makers

Follow the stories of ten entrepreneurs to learn about the collective endeavours and the transformations taken place, which have led to the final creation of the products on show. Discover how their brands came to life, the creation processes used, and the strong influences of their own culture and heritage has on their creations.
Visit Creative Town between 6pm to 7pm for interactive talks with the entrepreneurs on a range of different topics- including the use of unusual materials, inclusion, business creation in the Netherlands, and more. You will also get to hear about their history, their experience during the pandemic, and how becoming entrepreneurs has improved their quality of life.
To finish the tour take a look inside the Concept Store, full of unique handmade items. Here you are welcome to leave suggestions in relation to design, techniques or materials, and the opportunity to get to know more about the organisation and its many members.

About International Creative Women

International Creative Women offers an opportunity for newcomers to the Netherlands to create not only a product that sells, but a new beginning. Many internationals arrive in Brabant to work, bringing partners with them who have left friends, family and careers behind. Founded in 2018, ICW is a social entrepreneurship organisation that provides a supportive and diverse community of women, to help kick-start their entrepreneurial pursuits while increasing social cohesion and wellbeing.
Planning Together — © More Dimensions Photography
Centre area, Creative Town, Het College 22 , Map No. C16
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