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Uprooting Agro-Systems

Growing towards urban independence

In this designed scenario, the Waterland district which connects to Amsterdam Noord would become an agricultural production, storage and distribution hub. Bringing the city to self-sufficiency.

UPROOTING AGRO-SYSTEMS radically re-envisions Amsterdam as an eco-city of the future

This is not a ‘one-solution-solves-all’ but rather an optimal combination of various systems: Syntropic Farming, Food Foresting and Vertical Farming.
Each has its own benefits that outweigh downsides. Where one approach comes with a disadvantage, another one has a backup. For example, Syntropic Farming offers production efficiency and biodiversity and Food Forestry is able to grow large varieties on limited space, needing little to no maintenance.
But neither are reliable in the winter months. This is why Vertical Farming is integrated – with an artificial climate, it produces “all year round” and on a consistent output.
This ambitious proposal is a step towards certain answers that we need for our growing cities. Although this is focused on Amsterdam, I see my work more as a kickstart for collaborations with governments, communities, investors, scientist and many more. I hope to have inspired you and triggered new imaginations, I’m looking forward to hear from you!

About Bram de Vos Studio

The common thread through Bram de Vos's work is to provide answers to the 'pain' cities are facing. As a designer, Bram brings disconnected ideas together into a large overall plan, designing forward-looking urban solutions.
Station area, Spoor K, Fuutlaan 14K , Map No. D11
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