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(Archive) 1M2 Collective

The smallest expo with the biggest impact

This project was part of DDW 2021
1m2 Collective — ©

We are 1m2 Collective;
A platform to unite new design talent and highlight changes needed in the professional design field. Through positive protest and proactive research we aim to stimulate a more inclusive design industry.

The 1m2 Collective

Design festivals and fairs uphold a considerable power to manage, promote and sustain the design field. Whilst this year Dutch Design week considers inclusivity an important theme for the designer that shows their work at their festival, however how inclusive is the DDW itself?

With the goal of giving new talent a platform at design festivals, the 1m2 Collective aimed to display as many designers as possible in 1m2 of ground space. Through curation and considered exhibition design, the pieces will make an impact not only through their own story but as a statement as a collective. 18 Participants have been selected through an open call, and the selection process has been completed by an independent jury. Our research into inclusivity and true costs the exhibit at design festivals will be published to guide visitors through the exhibited pieces as well as our message.

1m2 Collective — ©

1m2 Collective — ©

1m2 Collective — ©

1m2 Collective