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All Connected

Creative Agency for Everyday Life with Others


Through the entrepreneurship initiative based in Berlin we bring together a diverse group of designers who work on exploration of value-based models by creating concepts, processes and services that go beyond individual interests into shaping of systemic approaches with people, cities and nature.

All Connected - Creative Agency for Everyday Life with Others

Our mission is to support creative agency in evolving practices for everyday life in solidarity with others. To grow an innovation ecosystem that inverts the current logic of innovation - co-created by a distributed community crossing boundaries of place, discipline, cultures in the real-world.
An ecosystem that lives the values of caring, connecting, and contributing.

While MotorSkin explores shape-changing textiles for Human-Machine interaction, GYINTASTIC provides tools and advice for individual body empowerment. EOTH and Moving Light aim to build products that play smoothly into the interior environments. A great part of the exhibition is dedicated to approaches in textiles:
ranging from overarching design innovation methods like Textile Prototyping Lab and Smed.Wagner (knitwear fashion) to a very specific work as in case with Panorama Fabrics (UV sensitive textiles) and Peelsphere (leather alternative out of fruit waste) or interfaces between digital and analog in Codes in Knots. Our mission is to start a collective work involving creatives from different backgrounds to enable small-scale experimental activities that act as catalyst for change in the city of Berlin.

About weissensee school of art and design Berlin

seekicks weißensee school of art and design provides a platform for navigating creative business
in increasingly complex world by enabling experiment, peer-to-peer environment and access
to diverse networks. Our approach is rooted in collaborative work, understanding of
interconnectedness and a distributed community.

Moving Lights - Studio Kirsten Hermans — © Studio Kirsten Hermans

SUNKOLOR - Panorama Fabrics — © Panorama Fabrics

Peelsphere - Youyang Song — © GYNTASTIC

Selbstspekulum - GYNTASTIC

Other area, Pennings Foundation, Geldropseweg 63 , Map No. X2
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Wheelchair accessible
Wifi available
Dogs allowed
Toilets available