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(Archive) Ocean Articulated

This project was part of DDW 2021
Ocean Articulated objects — © Ramona Gschwend

The project Ocean Articulated has undertaken to develop an alternative, recyclable and load-bearing material with locally extracted salt and sand. The temporary nature of the material form is meant as a reminder to take a light touch when selecting materials, to borrow from nature, not consume it.

In the search for new possibilities of what is capable to construct from salt and sand

Ocean Articulated is a geomorphological investigation into material cycles. It delves into the origins of materials, from the remnants of ancient oceans, and examines how those materials are used today. With this appreciation a new material has been developed as a result of the reaction between dissolved salt and a combination of natural binder and sand. 

The objects can be considered as temporary constructions as the material is water-dissoluble. The sand-casting method lends a characteristic appearance to the pieces as the imprint of the material becomes an ornament. The articulation of the surface reveals the raw aesthetics of the material, encouraging interaction through tactility.
The project offers a new perspective on time and permanence; the origin, lifecycle and disposal of materials; as well as experimental processes focusing on qualities of raw materials. 

Excavated object

Ocean Articulated objects

Ocean Articulated object