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JO studio 'Water and Light’

JO studio light and water — © JO

Two separate projects on water and light find each other in a shared fascination. Bringing natural phenomena together with design.

Designing with water and light

Jeffrey's water project started from his fascination for the sea and its constantly changing appearance. His research has resulted in an interactive installation in which the water is visually manipulated by its surroundings.

Bo's light project is about the immateriality of light and how to make this visible in material. Literally capturing light is what she does with her design. An object that is not always on, but needs more time to be experienced.

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About JO studio

With JO studio, we find a balance between functionality and abstraction. Our ambitions lie in working from certain production techniques and with the qualities of the material. This is often in collaboration with natural elements such as light and water.

JO studio water — © JO

JO studio light — © JO

JO studio light — © JO

JO studio water

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