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(Archive) Embroidering the Next Mobility

Exploring the Integration of Smart Textile and Intangible Culture Heritage in Next Mobility of Aston Martin

This project was part of DDW 2021
Life-like interactive smart cockpit — © Tongji University

We are exploring how smart textiles may create new interactions and possibilities in Next Mobility and we would like to show 3 interactive prototypes focusing on gesture interaction, textile display, and aesthetic experience.

Ingenious Skin: natural interaction design in smart cockpit base on smart textile

Ingenious skin may invite the audience to experience a natural gesture interaction in the vehicle by swiping the embroidery pattern located on the cockpit door as a volume slider. We embroidered the conductive threads and normal yarns on Alcantara, and the unique texture and patterns were inspired by traditional Chinese embroidery and painting.

Chen Maoshuo, Wei Yiming, Zeng Yuan, Jiao Xiaohan

Blooming: a textile interface for displaying the status of smart cockpit layouts on seat belt

Blooming is a textile interface for displaying the status of smart cockpit layouts on seat belts in real-time. Considering the various layouts in the future cockpit we proposed a thermochromic textile display as the indication of seat status.

Sun Yuan, He Yuxi, Guo Xuejing, Mao Yuxi

Sobric: life-like interactive smart cockpit based on smart fabric

Ling aims at the aesthetic experience and it's an interactive installation that the audience may experience the change of lighting and ambient sound effects while interacting with the installation.

Tan Chengchao, Li Rui, Cheng Yuqi

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A textile interface of smart cockpit seat belt — © Tongji University

Natural interaction design of smart textile — © Tongji University

Aston Martin Creative Lab x Tongji University — © Tongji University

Integrate with intangible cultural heritage