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(Archive) Exploring Alternative Futures

Exploring alternatives futures and imagining new paradigms through local and community interventions and speculative design projects.

This project was part of DDW 2021
How to Bridge the Digital Gender Gap — © Fab Lab Barcelona

Showcasing a series of works previously exhibited at the Emergent Futures Festival, which connected local designers, artists, strategists, and researchers from different design disciplines to explore alternative futures. Come join us in reflection and dialogue.

The Emergent Futures Festival

The Emergent Futures Festival was a not-for-profit event aimed at increasing futures literacy within the Barcelona community. It connected a global network of like-minded designers and community change-makers to raise awareness about the relationship between social and climate justice. Through exhibitions, workshops, panels, and discursive events, local community interventions explored four key research areas: spatial justice, empowering care, posthuman awakening, and planetary mutualism. Panels included: “Resilience through Responsibility,” “How to Bridge the Digital Gender Gap in the ‘New Normal,’” “A Conscious Humans Guide to Rural Life,” and “Nomadic Box.” Community events included: “Sister Loba Challenge,” “Phygital Awakenings,” “215: Art Build & Memorial,” “Aqui: Collaborative Placemaking,” and “Silent Playscape Game.” Workshops included: “OND Masks” and “Mycelium Board Workshop.” Exhibitions included: “Autonomous Tree” and “Sensing Matter.” Using design as a tool, the festival aimed to showcase that the futures we want to see tomorrow can be designed today. We invite you to discover these projects and engage and continue the conversation surrounding these urgent topics.

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Phygital Awakening and Myco Meditation — © Fab Lab Barcelona

Aqui — © Krzysztof Wronkski

OND Circular Cosmetics — © Jean-Luc Pierite

215+ Solidarity Memorial honoring First Nations