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(Archive) Moving Forward

An interactive installation about AI in the public space. If you know what AI knows about you, will your behaviour change?

This project was part of DDW 2021
The entry — © Nino Gontcharova

In the digital age we see a shift from screens to our surrounding environment. AI is already measuring and predicting our behaviour, what if this will also happen more and more in the public space? In Moving Forward participants will directly experience this. What do they actually think of this?

You are predictable as long as you are unaware.

This installation consists of a projection, best seen in the evening (the darker, the better).

Step into the space, your movement will be detected and measured by an AI. The more data the AI ​​collects from you and the other participants, the better it ​​can predict your next step. But if you are aware of this, will you alter your behaviour?

Moving Forward is an interactive installation that makes the public aware of the increasing role of AI in the public space. Many people still don't know yet how AI works and what it can mean for our lives.

AI learns from acquired data, microchips will increasingly be found around us in everyday objects such as traffic lights (IoT). With the growing data that comes out of this predictions can be made about, for example, our purchasing behaviour, how we relate in the public space and how we interact with each other. There is a chance that this will be used for purposes such as increasing profits for companies and predicting mass behaviour.

We want to make this technology visible and use it for connection. The installation creates awareness and provides an alternative. Let's use technology more often to enhance our humanity.

The heatmap — © Nino Gontcharova

The meeting — © Suzanne van Rossen

Location: Plug-in-City