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(Archive) Workspace (R)evolution

Rehumanizing the Workplace

This project was part of DDW 2021
Workspace (R)evolution — © w-architectuurstudio / edith winkler

Workspaces need drastic rethinking, already before the pandemic the office with it's one-size-fits-all approach was much criticized. What if we could influence our work environment any way we like and adjust it according to our mood and need of the moment?

Exploring the future workspace

On show are two real size models of intelligent, nomadic workstations. The models are designed as conversation pieces to evoke reflection and provoke discussion. They provide a fresh view on the workspace of the future. How can we turn the office from a dehumanized space into a human friendly, futureproof, fun and healthy place? What if you could influence your own work environment any way you like and adjust it according to your personal mood and need of the moment? How would it be when you could freely regulate density and distance in space and organize your own clean air on the spot?

In relation to the DDW21 theme The Greater Number, De Carlo was known for his activism against the loss of human scale in modern architecture. He was also an early adaptor of user participation. Workspace (R)evolution wants to re-humanize the workplace by giving back personal influence, expression and control over one's own work environment.

Office Totem / Agile Work 3.0 / Tribal Culture — © w-architectuurstudio / edith winkler

Office Totem / Message signals / Fun — © w-architectuurstudio / edith winkler

Smart Workstations App Work Experience — © w-architectuurstudio / edith winkler

Shapeshifting Your (Acoustic) Space