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(Archive) I Hear What You're Seeing

Seeing the world through the eyes of 17 upcoming designers

This project was part of DDW 2021
Driving Dutch Design: I Hear What You're Seeing

An exhibition of 17 design studios that listen to see the world.
Peek and peer through the grey areas into a world of wonder, beauty and questions. Discover the fields of vision beyond the first sight.

I hear what you're seeing

Each designer of the Driving Dutch Design collective, constructs their practice around the perspective from which they view life. In this exhibition you will get the chance to watch through the eyes of the designers, and to peek behind the scenes of their thoughts. Enter a world in which asking questions is vital, and where knowing how to deal with change is key.

The exhibition ‘I hear what you’re seeing’ explores the design process, by putting approaches and experiments in the spotlight. The designers share their thoughts, insecurities and findings with visitors of the Dutch Design Week. In a dynamic space they will explore the friction between the importance of (in)transparency regarding their ways of working. To what degree do designers have to unveil their processes, in order to connect with society? The setup of this exhibition forms an invitation for visitors to engage in conversations, thoughts and new collaborations. Furthermore, it shows the relevance of design, and gives insights in how it can change the way we produce, consume and design systems in society.

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I Hear What You're Seeing