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(Archive) VALUE // VALUES

How do you value your values? This interactive exhibition will present you with questions about how you translate your values into value.

This project was part of DDW 2021
Hand knotted carpet — © Hannah Breaken

We know what things cost, but do we know what they are worth?

Nienke and Tim have worked on different topics around the theme of sustainability for years. They have created new materials and production processes, but they have come to realize that value holds the key to truly creating change.

Bonding to our objects

The contemporary definition of value is primarily focused on financial value. However, Nienke and Tim consider it the last step in the value chain. The creation of value begins with us: What do we stand for in life? What are our values? The objects we buy should resonate with these values for them to be truly meaningful to us. There are two sides to building value, rational and emotional, facts and stories. When buying an object, the facts about how it was produced are not available as we look at the object, or they tend to be overshadowed by marketing stories, making it hard to determine if your values resonate. Transparency is key if we are to determine value based on all the facts and true stories and so we can relate to and create a bond with an object. This connection is a necessity if we want a sustainable world; it will ensure we will take care of the object and extend its life multiple times, resulting in fewer objects needing to be produced ¬– thereby reducing resources and waste and lowering the impact on our planet.

The studio developed two carpets for this exhibition. They followed the process from sheep to final product. One of the carpets is made in Armenia and the other one is from the Netherlands.

In their interactive installation, they question how your values translate into value. If you are aware of the stories and facts behind a product, will that influence the way you value it?