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(Archive) Show me where your nose, ear, vulva are

A teaching tool for early school age children, containing basic knowledge of genital anatomy.

This project was part of DDW 2021
Educational material

"Gregory, show me where is your ear, where is your nose?" It is a popular children's game, thanks to which a child learns the main body parts. Why the genitals are neglected in these games? Doesn't this area have a name? If it doesn't have a name, maybe it doesn't exist or it is not important.

Show me where your nose ear, vulva are.

The newborn child is focused on observation, understanding, learning the world. For most of the parents addressing childrens queries about their bodies is not a problem. Embarrassment occurs when children start asking about the intimate areas. Ignoring these confuses the child and may become a tabboo in the future. Although parents fear medical terms, knowing definitions not only gives the meaning to something that exists, but also highlights the essence of a body part. "Show me where your nose, ear, vulva are” project is focused on genital nomenclature and offers educational material for children in preschool age. The project consists of 16 simplified sex organ models. The purpose was to simplify the genitalia in order to avoid vulgarity while maintaining a clear and consistent shape. Project has been inspired by the work of artists of the 20th century.

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