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(Archive) SLOW DOWN

Two projects by Antoine Peters.

This project was part of DDW 2021

Breaking through the traditional relationship between spectator, clothing and textile. Disrupting the ratio with the goal to cause a delay, imbalance and change of perspective.

At DDW Antoine will present two new Space Garments, and the result of 1,5 year developing; his Lenticular Weave.

Space Garments – Site specific clothing and sculptures.

For almost 20 years mash-ups of space and clothing popped up in Peters' head, resulting in hundreds of sketches of site-responsive garments and sculptures. Like a diary, he has always hidden them, but since a couple of years he dares to let them become reality. As an exploration to his personal and social motives, and a shout out to musea, musicians, dancers, choreographers, galleries, architects, collectors, or film makers to bring these Space Garments to life.

Clothing – everyday items and the ultimate universal visual language — is warped, stretched, repeated, cropped and reconfigured in many ways, surprising the spectator with it’s new vocabulary. Disrupting the traditional relationship between spectator and object, disrupting the ratio, with the goal to cause a delay, imbalance and change of perspective.

With his ever evolving Space Garments Peters wants people to look differently at clothing, the surrounding world, and themselves. Counterbalancing consumerism and adding an emotional re-valuation of the (too many) clothes already out there, yet at the same time questioning personal space and intimacy.

Lenticular Weave by Antoine Peters – The textile with an optical illusion.

Peters' Lenticular Weave is an innovative textile which changes when viewed from different angles. As a result, the dynamics of movement, contrast, surprise, and delay, are directly connected with the viewer, user, or wearer. Requiring movement to reveal every facet, observers are forced to interact, walk around and leave the static position, resulting in an enlivening of the space. Influencing the space or affecting a person's emotion or mood, Lenticular Weave thus has potential for aesthetic, functional ánd social applications in architecture, interior, product, fashion, and art.

Showcasing the Lenticular weave’© aesthetics and its unique power to create kinetic storytelling within one textile, Peters designed a cubist face. A play of opposites in artworks and complementary colors create the supreme experience of change, motion, depth, movement, and emotion.

To develop this textile Peters collaborated with EE-Exclusives, a producer of high-detailed jacquards. Peters' extensive research and stretching the technical boundaries of the machinery resulted in Lenticular weave© applicable to objects, clothes, and walls.

Supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.