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(Archive) 100 OPHETO

A history of Curaçao

This project was part of DDW 2021
Chila and her Chofilò — © Ton Verkuijlen

Through a series of interactive workshops, 100 OPHETO explores the relationship between objects and people on Curaçao and how this relationship has determined our history and can shape our future. This DDW, 100 OPHETO kicks off by exhibiting a selection of objects that tell stories that matter.


Over time, many diverse memories and experiences become attached to the objects with which we surround ourselves. These objects thus transcend their initial functions. They absorb their own history, their own narrative, connect us with others, with a certain place, with times gone by. In this way, a simple object can become a relic that answers the questions of our origins, and of who we are.

The history of Curaçao is often described from the perception of the powerful. The ongoing project, 100 OPHETO, searches for the historical stories of the Curaçaoans themselves by examining meaningful objects they have kept, from the past up to the present. By doing this, 100 OPHETO wants to contribute to a common awareness of Curaçao's past, in the belief that this will ultimately lead to new perspectives on the future.

Hensley and his baseball — © Ton Verkuijlen

Eunice and her Delft blue Penha house — © Ton Verkuijlen