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(Archive) My Home Office

My Home Office.Pioneering the future of remote work.

This project was part of DDW 2021
The founders Cos & Bart

My Home Office, the garden office designed by Cosmas Bronsgeest and Bart Berkhout, offers peace and privacy at home, but not in the house. The design is elementary, yet modest, in which the materialization seamlessly matches the function of the object. Work undisturbed in a serene environment.

A home workplace, but not in the house.

A home workplace not in the house, but in the vicinity of your home. That is the idea behind the garden office My Home Office. The garden office is for private and business customers who are looking for a luxurious home workplace to work in a relaxed manner. A business office in your garden with a modern design, according to the latest trends. Made from sustainable materials, with details in black steel and a marmoleum floor. My Home Office is an officially patented design.

Architecture with urban gardening

Urban design with extraordinary windows.

Interior design tailored to contemporary trends an

Workplace with lots of daylight, and good sustaina