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(Archive) Atelier Mats

Welcome to our playground

This project was part of DDW 2021
The artisan's home office

It is time to come together and design can help us do that.
Atelier Mats will present new projects of the past year, transforming their studio into an experimental playground for ourselves and all the people we collaborate with.

Atelier Mats

‘De Parels van Eindhoven' done for Stichting Eindhoven in Beeld is an interactive map to make the rich archive of EiB accessible for a bigger and younger audience. Through the pearls you can discover the heritage of our everyday life within the city and share your own story.

Within the Print & Play project we created a work people can create with their CMYK home printer. The printer as an artisan's tool and the ink as material resulting in numerous graphic artworks in A4 format.

The fourth issue of Blank Space Magazine will be launched during DDW. With the title 'Radical Present' issue #4 portrays 10 design studios that in these current times better their part of the world.

Furthermore we present our visual research of the Wave project, in which we observed and worked with two persons with multiple mental handicaps that got stuck in the system of care.

Parels van Eindhoven

Blank Space Magazine — © Maarten Coolen