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(Archive) 30.90582

Traces of presence

This project was part of DDW 2021
The dust-machine — © chiaramentestudio

30.90582 consists of a “dust-machine” which acts as a drawing apparatus: it shoots dust up which slowly deposits on every surface. A veil of dust covers ground and everything in vicinity becoming a media through which the visitors and the space exchange traces of presence.

Between opposition and symbiosis

30.90582 speaks of a reality in which humans aren’t standalone, detached beings apart from nature and technology but rather always embedded in a complex and sensitive world. As humans we don’t have a choice on whether we have an impact on our surroundings or if those have an impact on us, but we have the possibility to shape how this relationship is made. Reflecting on this inevitable reciprocal influence is fundamental to transform the logic of opposition between human and nature in a logic of symbiosis.

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The dust-machine's outlet — © Angelo Ciccaglione

Traces of presence — © Angelo Ciccaglione