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BYOR | Build Your Own Robot

Upgrade your arts-and-crafts projects to interactive creations with the easy-to-use electronics of BYOR!

Nina (8) present her disco-diving board — © Remco Nagtzaam

The BYOR electronics kit allows kids to turn their cardboard creations into interactive robots (or other thinigs). They use cardboard boxes and other trash in combination with the easy-to-use electronics of BYOR to create their own thought-up interactive creations. Sustainable creative technology!

Building your own interactive creations has never been this easy!

BYOR is a set electronics designed for children. It allows them to easily build a robot, device or interactive artpiece from cardboard and other (reused) materials! The electronics are color coded for ease of use and are very versatile to use in all kinds of creations. The kit consists out of different sensors and a set of motors, LEDs and a buzzer. All parts can be reused including the battery (powerbank), so you can enjoy building for as long as you want.

Use cardboard, old packaging and other arts and crafts materials to customise the creation. The electronics work straight out of the box, no programming needed. However if you want to add your own code you can connect the micro:bit chip to add all kinds of logic to your creation.

BYOR teaches kids all about design, computational thinking & programming and the reuse of materials in the most fun and engaging way!

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About Teun van Roessel

Designer and entrepreneur Teun van Roessel wants to teach kids about technology and sustainability in the most creative way. His products are created to prevent a difficult behavioural change in adults and instead teach kids the right mindset about sustainability straight away. BYOR (Build Your Own Robot) does this by having reusable parts and using trash as a raw material for creating new interactive products.

Boy working hard on a creation during a workshop — © Remco Nagtzaam

BYOR Workshop in full swing! — © Remco Nagtzaam

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