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Join the Stage

programma VDMAxDDW — © proloog / being

VDMA presents a piece of radical urban transformation in the heart of Eindhoven. The pop-up forest in the courtyard provides a glimpse into the future in a curated setting where nature and design embrace each other. Artists include Jelle Mastenbroek, Bart Esyink Smeets and Atelier van Asseldonk.

Join the Stage

Join the stage: These three simple words sum up the vision behind VDMA’s radical proposition/transformation. A place that is accessible to each and every one of us: that invites, provides and inspires, and makes us wonder and feel alive. Doing so by bringing nature to people, people to people, and business to people — resulting in a fertile ground for innovation.

Growing the future / Full Grown x STUDIO DO-MAKE

Intersecting the boundaries between Nature and Art, Science and Horticulture, Manufacture and Design, Alice & Gavin Munro collaborate with Design Academy’s STUDIO DO-MAKE.

They employ ancient techniques & the miracle of photosynthesis by reconceiving harmful manufacture into bio-facture, integrating the artistic and romantic into the scientific, reconsidering the way we produce our everyday objects.

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About VDMA

VDMA - Join the Stage is a multidisciplinary collaboration between Being, Timeless, NEOO, Gemeente Eindhoven, OMA, DELVA Landscape Architecture / Urbanism, NulZes, diederendirrix, FABRICations and DGMR, who have joined forces to redesign the cityscape of Eindhoven.
Full Grown x STUDIO DO-MAKE. — © Full Grown
Centre area, VDMA, Vestdijk 25-27 , Map No. C22
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