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Burned Collection

Burned, a collection of metal furniture created with heat.

Burned Vases — © Lisa Klappe

Luuk van Laarhoven researched how metals respond to the application of heat. During this natural process the characteristics of the metal changes exposing a variety of colours. To understand this natural process experiments were done on different metal surfaces and with various techniques.

Heat for colour source

To understand the behaviour of metallic elements, experiments were done on a variety of different metal surfaces, both mechanically and by hand. By introducing heat to the metal an oxidation process starts, this process releases an array of colours.
Depending on the type of metal, every temperature has its own range of colours. If the temperature difference is small, the colours will appear more monochrome. When the difference in temperature is bigger more colours will present themselves.

It is the methodology developed through these experiments that continues to be applied in the Burned Collection.

About Studio Luuk van Laarhoven

Studio Luuk van Laarhoven focusses on projects that originated from landscapes, natural processes and pure materials are analysed and translated into objects and products.

With a penchant for craftsmanship and the process of making, everything is realised within the studio.

Burned collection stage 01 — © Lisa Klappe

Burned collection stage 02 — © Lisa Klappe

Burned cabinet tall

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