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(Archive) The Greater Number, in Numbers

Every day is all about one specific number.

This project was part of DDW 2021

This Dutch Design Week PLAN-B will be your go-to spot. We welcome you to enjoy an exhibition, experience a performance, get down on the dance floor, or visit a special event. And a first this year: you can even spend the night here!

The Greater Number, in Numbers

Between 16 and 24 October every day is about one specific number. We connect designers, performers and artist to a specific digit that relates to their practice. Circular designers might choose the number 8, whilst other celebrate an anniversary with the number 10. Find all practical information about The Greater Number, in Numbers on this site or www.plan-b/

Spend a night in PLAN-B!

We are partnering with To Many Places to bring this unique experience to you. We have designer tents available every night between during DDW. Costs are €75,- per night per tent and breakfast by our in-house hospitality Subbar is included.

Copy this link to book a spot:

To Many Places is a pop-up hotel with a nomadic feeling to it. The guests get the opportunity to stay in designer tents which are located on special locations. The hotel already gave a special place to sleep in an old feed mill to the visitors of the festival Boulevard and was the hotel also being found in an old chapel during Dutch Design Week Eindhoven. This year a select group of DDW visitors can sleep on one these special locations. This time you will not sleep in an old factory, but in an authentic and industrial building of PLAN-B

Designer Emmy Polkamp graduated in the year of 2015 from Design Academy Eindhoven with the concept for her nomadic hotel named To Many Places. The hotel serves a double purpose: raising awareness of empty buildings and providing an alternative to traditional hotel accommodations.

Designer tent, To Many Places