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(Archive) FLOW STATE

Works in progress about solitude and loneliness

This project was part of DDW 2021

FLOW STATE is a work-in-progress exhibition presenting the artist research of third year students from Fontys ARTCODE in Tilburg. Using visual, spatial, and/or performative elements, they translated their personal experiences with solitude and loneliness into interactive installations.

Presentation of an artistic research on loneliness and solitude

Dutch Design Week forms a middle point in this 14-week studio project and will be the first time students exhibit their work. Using what they learn at DDW, the project continues for another seven weeks and concludes with a second exhibition at the Night of the Arts in December.

1. Listen to the People / 2. "Before Thinking"

'Listen to the People'  addresses intriguing stories of discrimination in which feelings of social injustice and the reasonable need to be heard. The artistic mirrors are an abstract connotation of emotions from the people who have recounted their experience. We have visualized someone's heartfelt emotions while sharing their first-hand account with discrimination. If you listen carefully, you might intuitively recognize what they have experienced. We listened and thoughtfully designed with the courageous people in mind.

Warda Oukari / Isis Peene /Lisa Machielse / Sarah Rossenrath

"Before Thinking"
Existential loneliness is necessary to find one's true self. You will venture into this world on your own and leave with no one but yourself. If you were to distract yourself from this undeniable certainty, you would fail to see meaning in life. Personal alienation from reality will be imminent. Once you relinquish the need for shutting out this crisis, you will find out who you are truly meant to be.

Sebastiaan Schoonen / Charlotte Biezen / Vic Raaijmakers

3. Perceived Isolation / 4. Face of Technology

3. Perceived Isolation is a Virtual Reality experience that attempts to convey the experiences of someone who is lonely. The simple act of getting out of bed or getting out of your room can seem overwhelming to these people. It’s hard to relate to these kinds of feelings when one hasn’t experienced it. Perceived Isolation tries to make that experience tangible, and create understanding between people who are lonely and people who aren’t.

Tim Nonnekens / Polly Bouten / Niene Obbens

4. Face of Technology

Artificial Intelligence is using our daily devices, we use it so much that we are almost considering it as a human being. But what is the limit of this technology in reading our emotions?

Our installation uses a facial recognition software which reads emotions that are impossible to read with the software. And so, we ask the visitor: can artificial intelligence read your emotions?

Lotte Tonneijk/ Emma van de Ven / Ceyda Nur Yilmaz