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(Archive) DeFabriek_DDW Generator_Residency

Resident: Simone Schuffelen | Generator: Masters Textielontwerp LUCA School of Arts, Gent, BE, 2020 en 2021

This project was part of DDW 2021
Masters Textile Design 2021

Two exhibitions with work by the artist Simone Schuffelen in the main hall and the exhibition of the Masters Textile Design LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, BE, 2020 and 2021 in our downstairs space.

Research project and exhibition

_Simone Schuffelen
The starting point for this work is the set pieces that Schuffelen has collected, created and painted. Her recent interested is in theatre and has recently been inspired by decor and its painting from the 1700s. The often 2D painted panels created a 3D illusion due to their quantity and placement. At De Fabriek she wants to investigate this illusion with decor and painting and give the public a supporting role during the presentation.

_Masters Textile Design 2020 + 2021 at LUCA School of Arts, Ghent, is characterized by an investigative openness and is situated in a multidisciplinary visual arts context. This is reflected in the masterprojects in which innovative design and art practices arise precisely in the cross-fertilization between art and design. Personality, authenticity, experiment, a focus on innovation and a critical awareness are the driving forces of the artistic process. The identity of the medium is investigated as matter and as a carrier of meanings.

Simone Schuffelen

De Fabriek, Eindhoven — © Peter Cox