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Build and eat together.

Bricknic 01 — © Bricknic

Bricks that can be filled with ingredients and stacked to build temporary ovens. Inspired by the age-old process of brick-firing in East Africa, this collaborative project aims to put social interaction back on the menu.


Inspired by the age-old process of brick firing in East Africa, this collaborative way of cooking aims to put social bonds back on the menu and celebrates community spirit. Like in traditional brick firing, every single brick is essential as it forms part of a temporary build structure and helps retain the heat of the firing oven.

You are invited to fill your cooking brick with food, choosing from any ingredient you like. When everyone has prepared their cooking brick, we come together to build a temporary oven by stacking all the bricks around a fire. As we are building a closed structure, we capture the heat, and the food inside of the bricks gets cooked. Once the food is ready, the oven is dismantled and we eat together. One brick alone can't do much, but together we can build anything. Join the Bricknic, let’s build, and eat!

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About Bricknic

With Bricknic we support diverse communities while caring for individual needs and strengths.
We strive for a world where people can build upon each other and understand our collective nature, responsibilities, and abilities. It is time to remake society together, not as individual players but as the team we are. * Douglas Rushkof

Bricknic 02 — © Bricknic

Bricknic 03 — © Bricknic

Strijp T+R area, Piet Hein Eek, Halvemaanstraat 30 , Map No. A2
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