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The Class of 2021 exhibition. Klokgebouw

Nothing will save the world

Restocking boxes of nothing. — © Julien Theunissen

"Nothing will save the world" is a statement against consumerism and over production. By not making any products we can't contribute to this harmful system. We will save the world with nothing.

The most sustainable thing we could do is not making products anymore .

In the project “Nothing will save the world” I dared to ask my self the question which products I wanted to add to the world as a designer. The answer to this was “none”. There are no products that I would want to add to a world that is being destroyed by consumerism. Although this sounds weird for someone who’s graduated as a product designer, I have a good reason for this.
Because of overproduction I don’t believe that I as a designer could make another product that would contribute to humanity or the planet. Instead it would have a way bigger impact if I would’t make any products as a statement against consumerism, the consumer based society and all the harmfull systems that go with it.
With the statement I make in this project I try to start the discussion about what we can contribute as consumers and designers to a better world and thereby create awareness about the damage caused by the consumer based society. I will do this by presenting “nothing” to the audience of the DDW 2021.

About Maastricht Institute of Arts

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Warehouse full of nothing — © Julien Theunissen

A pile of nothing — © Julien Theunissen

Strijp-S area, Klokgebouw | Hall 2, Klokgebouw 50 , Map No. B1
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