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(Archive) The Whispering Wood

Room for listening to the voice of a tree / Phase 3 of 'According to the Grain' project

This project was part of DDW 2021
rendering image — © Studio Sho Ota

This project highlights the quality of wood grain, which character is often neutralized in industrial processing. By chiseling out the knots, I can reveal the hidden beauty and individuality of wood. The project aims to find out nature again in the processed material.

Room for listening to the voice of a tree

A room, which imitates a living space, where several objects are placed inside. Each object is a development from Ota's previous project, namely, ”According to the Grain” where the objects are carved out to expose the natural knots within a tree. While the same technique is being used, in this project some of the objects aggressively presents itself, others secretly whisper to their origins, and some simply pretends to be an existing product. If you listen closely, visitors can listen to the subtle breathings of the material and by observing the texture of the object with their hands, feet and eyes the visitor can receive their unspoken words.
This exhibition is part of RE FORM Biennale 2020.

detail picture of chiseled out knots — © Studio Sho Ota

process picture — © Studio Sho Ota

rendering image of coat rack