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Equilibrium is an exploration where two opposite poles merge. A lab where experiments are taking over and imperfections are embraced.

Upcycled gilet with bio plastic details — © by Sümeyya Dönmez

A universe where science melts with art and fashion. The lab experiments are created through intuition and feeling. In this laboratory there are no rules and the main focus is about exploring new shapes, textures and aesthetics by experimenting, failing and accepting imperfections during the process


Equilibrium is a universe in which two different poles merge. The mad scientist who is a perfectionist, existing and eccentric, and the experiment which is organic, intuitive and imperfect. Everything is carried out on feeling and intuition. During the process, the lab experiments often arise by coincidence and the result determines the end product. It's about trusting the process and the outcome, even if things go wrong during the development stage. Imperfections are embraced and accepted. Not having to think about how something should be, what is beautiful or ugly, but paying attention to the explosion and development. Afterwards looking for a new shape and aesthetics based on lab experiments.


As a designer and researcher I am looking for sustainable alternatives in the field of textiles and design. Doing this by combining my science knowledge with fashion and art. By merging these two worlds I try to find solutions for sustainability problems such as pollution, shortages of textiles during the pandemic and climate crisis. The pandemic has stimulated me to develop materials myself, in the lab you can find different variants of bio plastics, fruit leather and crystals grown on objects and textiles. To create a new aesthetic on second-hand clothes the bio plastic is incorporated into the garments. Next to the bio plastics crystallized details are also seen on garments to add more dimension and to show how crystals can be used in garments or objects. With Equilibrium I want to encourage people to create their own lab at home in which they can experiment and work with materials and textures, by being transparent with recipes and instructions on my website. Finally, I want to encourage the public to follow their own intuition, dare to make mistakes, enjoy the process and embrace imperfections.

About Sümeyya Dönmez

Design Alumni - Amsterdam Fashion Institute AMFI

Crystallized bodysuit made out of upcycled tights — © Photo by Noah Raven

Bio plastic — © by Sümeyya Dönmez

Crystallized upcycled shoes — © Photo by Noah Raven

Upcycled bra and earrings with bio plastic details

Plan-B area, Plan-B, Hurksestraat 19 , Map No. H1
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