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A different turn

A zoom-in on the patterns used in the project — © Koen Boersma

In general, (rectangular) logs are placed on a lathe, where they are turned into a round shape. In this series, the rectangular shape has been used when turning the design pieces.

A different turn

"A different turn" is a product series created by using the craft of woodturning in an innovative way, creating furniture pieces with a modern and unique aesthetic.
In general, (rectangular) logs are placed on a lathe, where they are turned into a round shape. When making this series, the rectangular shape of the starting piece was used, and patterns were developed using this shape.
The love for the, in the Netherlands, dying craft of wood turning is what has shaped this series. The tools traditionally used in turning have inspired the designs. Applying these to shapes that vary in size and length, letting the patterns expose the natural grains of the wood, creates a product family where the craft used brings the series together. But where each piece has its own character.
The patterns on the straight, black flat sides of the objects flow into the soft, round shapes of the turned away wood. A confluence of the designer's signature, and the natural beauty of the wood itself.

About Studio Kobo

Studio kobo has been created because of a fascination with different types of materials, and especially the different qualities it naturally has. The natural properties of different materials is what inspires me. By zooming in on these properties and giving them a function or inflating them, products are created that put material in a different light, without betraying their essence.

The products in use — © Koen Boersma

Household items designed for the cabinet — © Koen Boersma

A look true the cabinet — © Koen Boersma

A focus on the different patterns

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